Intuitive Food Ordering App

Sapphire – Wireless Ordering eMenu is an intuitive restaurant food-ordering app taking the dining experience to the next level. It’s extremely easy to use with user-friendly multi-touch iPad, it will dazzle your diners and customers with its ease of use and at the same time reduce staff serving time by empowering customers to select food items on their own.

Sapphire eMenu is integrated with our Jade – Next Gen. POS system to ensure a seamless end-to-end link from ordering to printing to payment. Orders are sent immediately to the kitchen without human intervention. Sapphire eMenu can also serve as a stand-alone menu to provide information about the food and restaurant to the customers.

Benefits of eMenu

Easy to Setup

Setup, Modify or Update your menu quickly and effectively.

Your menu item prices can be set in advance to change based on various time slots i.e lunch time specials, weekday specials, special promotional periods and holiday periods.

Enhance Dining Experience

Restaurant owners can provide a full visual and audio experience for customers to enjoy.

It can also operate "offline", so that customers can navigate through the menu without waiting for it to load each page. It is customisable to fit the relevant restaurant brand's requirement too.

Growing Customers

Our Graphic Designers are here to help you customise beautiful and elegant Graphic User Interface to complement your eMenu, at the same time totally enhance your restaurant branding.
Software updates will continue to enhance the dining experience as well as increase operational efficiency.

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