Queue Management System
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Queue Management System - Onsite

Your can now utilise mobile ordering to pre-order to avoid waiting at the cashier. Simply generate your own queue number and leave the waiting area with no worries! When your order is ready for collection or your seats are ready, you will be notified through your mobile phone or the display screen at the restaurant. It helps to reduce the number of people gathering around the waiting area and giving you more time to run your errands.

Queue Management System - Online

Want to stay where you are now and book an appointment in just a minute? You can now save more time as Pre-ordering allows you to schedule a date and time for your appointment through your mobile device without being physically present at the place. Just head down for your appointment and leave once you are done!

Don’t want to wait another minute to collect your order? You can now order online, send your order and schedule a date and time that you are comfortable for collection. Just head down to collect your order and leave!

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