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How our solution can come together, with a O2O strategy for your online food ordering platform

O2O involves engaging with your online customers in various ways to entice them to leave the digital space and enter a physical one. In other words, you’re trying to push online customers to come into a local store.

This is achieved by merging strategies from the two different types of commerce. You’re using both online marketing and advertising techniques, in addition to brick-and-mortar style promotions.

We can provide a complete solution to help you bring in revenue with the O2O strategies. Our iOrder has loyalty programme, promotions, vouchers allowing you to connect with your customers online to reach out to more people. Our system also has the ability to do data analysis. Since the online system is yours, it is more accurate when collecting your customers profile. Hence, when you send out any messages or email marketing materials, you will be able to target your customers.

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Our online food ordering platform has a simple user interface that caters to different groups of people, making it easy for anyone to use.

There are 4 types of ordering methods available for the user, dine-in, takeaway, delivery and reservation. Payment can be made online, to encourage contactless payment during this pandemic and speeding up the process of ordering. Many payment types is available with our 2C2P payments platform.


Why is CRM so important? 

CRM function that gives you the knowledge of what your customers need, it can tell you what your customers are interested in, have asked for or have already bought. 

How CRM works with our solution?

We provides loyalty programmes, promotional materials, promo codes, etc. on your ordering platform. With this information on your own ordering platform means that data analysis will be more accurate, which allows you to target the specific group of customers by sending out emails, promo code etc.


When an ordering platform with CRM comes together, your customer will be more than satisfied! Other than the food & services, your customers can look forward to the loyalty programmes, promotions, vouchers.

This can entice your customer to come back for you. Overall, giving your customers a pleasant online ordering experience.

What people have to say?

Great user interface! Our customers are very satisfied with the user experience. The simple design caters to different age groups, making it accessible to many people.
Yun Nans 云海肴
Westgate & Jewel
I love how we have a button to switch on and off for delivery mode. This online food ordering platform gives me the freedom to customise, allowing me to keep my branding strong.
Blue Lotus Singapore
Sentosa & Alexandra

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Benefit of Online-to-Offline (O2O)

Reach New

O2O allows you to reach an arguably broader audience of prospective new customers.

In today's world, people tend to search online for what they want before heading to the premises. Hence, switching to online can be beneficial in bringing in new customers when you go digital.

Stay Ahead Of
The Curve

Businesses which apply O2O strategies often see significant returns.

Sales continue to rise, while mobile accounts for an increasing chunk of online sales. Mobile is particularly crucial for driving offline sales, and more than three-quarters of searches on mobile with local intent result in offline purchases.

Increase Overall

When customers visit physical stores, it may increase their overall spend; nearly 70% of shoppers ordering online and collecting in-store buy extra items on impulse once there.

With online and offline platforms available, you can now enjoy sales coming in from both sides. Making the best of both worlds.

Our Solutions

Mobile eMenu and Loyalty​

Enable restaurant diners/customers to use their smart phone to order food online, create their own favourite menu, view past transactions, etc. O2O strategy is applied with this solution, such as the availability of loyalty points, vouchers, promotions, etc.

Next Generation POS

Encompassing the necessary functions with a conventional F&B POS, Jade aims to be more than just a standard POS. Time to leave all the papers behind and switch to digital POS.


Waiter Companion​

Allows servers efficiently take orders online through iPod Touch and iPad mini, the orders are then sent to the kitchen seamlessly, providing the best customer service.

Wireless Ordering eMenu ​

An intuitive restaurant food-ordering app taking the dining experience to the next level. Extremely easy to use on the user-friendly multi-touch iPad and supremely stylish.


Self Ordering & Payment Kiosk​

We provide the latest self-ordering and self-payment kiosk. Extremely easy to use on the user-friendly huge multi-touch screen.

Kitchen Facilitator​

Ruby is a Kitchen Facilitator App that runs on an iPad. It is a more accessible alternative to a conventional kitchen printer. Now that you are going digital, you can save the world by reducing the use of paper receipts.


Our Solution Is Pre-approved And Applicable For PSG Grant



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Yes, you can. You will be able to customize it based on your brand, such as choosing a color theme of your choice.

The answer is no. You will be provided with your own online ordering webpage (URL) using your brand name. The platform will be yours, without any of your competitors.

Yes, we do provide a printer.

We will ensure you get to use the system as soon as possible, preferably by the next 24 hours.