Quick Service Restaurant

We need a cheaper, Faster & Better solution in a erraticFast settings

Our Quick Serve Solutions

At Aptsys, we go the extra mile to be far-sighted thinkers that devise great QSR solutions for potential inefficiencies in erratic fast settings.

Our QSR solutions are specially designed to alleviate chaotic situations. 

Our self-service kiosk – turquoise, is fully integrated with our POS and Mobile Application which works together hand-in-hand to bring out about the most optimum working system for you.

Dynamic SGQR
  • Aptsys will create the SGQR with the Payment details.  Customer will not need to key in the payment amount. Which will save time and attract more customers with shorter queues 
  • System will check for you the success transfer and close bill automatically
  • SGQR (Singapore Quick Response code) is a national unified QR label that combines multiple QR payment options into one, including PayNow
  • Zero contact with cash between stall and patrons -> Higher hygiene levels
  • Low operational cost from removal of paper mess
  • Increase productivity with faster payment, especially during peak period
  • More more money with higher turnover

What Are The Benefits?

Increases Productivity

Fully integrated payment with our powerful POS and dual screen

Increase Sales

Attracts & retains more customers & increases the repeat customer with shorter queue and convenience

Reduce Cost

More automation will reduce human mistake and save time + money.

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