NETS is Digital

Contactless payment with NETSPay

NETSPay @ Turquoise Self-Service Kiosk

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NETSPay @ Table with Sapphire eMenu

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NETSPay @ Cashier with Jade POS

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New ways to pay by NETS digitally with NETSPay

NETS is now moving into the next phase of their growth, as they help Singapore become a cashless society. Expect more changes to come in the local public transportation space, car park gantries, restaurants, cafes and retail establishments.

This move will benefit businesses nationwide, where merchants will build a speedy and efficient experience for their customers that drives high levels of productivity in our soon-to-come cashless society.

Benefits of Digital Payment with NETS

Tap and Scan to pay with nets

  • No PIN required for transactions below $100
  • Simply tap/scan and go, it’s that easy!

NETS gives you peace of mind

  • Transactions are highly secure as it follows existing NETS security protocols
  • Your card or device stays with you during the transaction, reducing the probability of fraud or the loss of your card


  • All 100,000 NETS acceptance points in Singapore will accept contactless NETS ATM Bank cards and NETS QR codes
  • Transact at almost every merchant establishment across the island!

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