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Alipay (also known as 支付宝 in Mandarin) is a leading third-party mobile payment solution and offers enormous revenue opportunities for restaurants. Alipay allows China tourists to make payments via their mobile phones conveniently, according to market research studies in 2017 Q1. Alipay enjoys 54% shares of mobile payment market in China. Alipay members can also share bills among themselves using a QR code to pay bills! All you need is a phone to allow your customers to scan and go, it’s that easy!

3 Easy Steps to Integrate Alipay at your POS

Hardware Integration

Select Alipay as a payment method and use it to scan the barcode generated by your customer's Alipay app, the transaction process will then start immediately.

Scan Alipay App

Aptsys offers payment options for restaurants. Download Alipay app and start accepting Alipay payments.

Transaction Completed!

After transaction is completed, receipts will be printed out or you can view the transactions in the overview section of the app.

Advantages of using Alipay Merchant in SG App

Maximise your opportunity to capture the Chinese Tourist's market in Singapore

Optimise your prospect outreach via marketing on Alipay app

Lower merchant discount rate as compared to credit and debit card services

Increase your payment options

Easy integration

Easy to use

Safeguards your personal data

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