Mobile Reporting dramatically changes how sale reports are being displayed. With just a click away, an engaging experience delivers right in front of your eyes. Set KPI and monitor performance anytime and anywhere. Simple visual Graph. Every bit of it will be your powerful tool to succeed. It is available together with Jade to provide effective and efficient report updates on your business.

Grow Your Business in Leaps and Bounds


Set KPI and Target

  • Mobile reporting provide this mechanism to track performances in your company
  • Set daily sale targets and monitor sale performances from month-to-month as well as week-to-week
  • Variety features provided for you to suit your needs to monitor performance

Sales Data

  • Personalised key indicators tailored specifically for users
  • A sophisticated tool to allow users make high quality decisions
  • Intuitive visual displays
  • Strategic, relevant and meaningful

Visual Graph

  • Quick way for audience to visualise what you are saying
  • Convey information interestingly
  • Most compact way to compare trends and cycles
  • Different colour of graph lines available to avoid confusion

Monitor Multiple Outlets

  • Reduce time traveling to collect reports
  • Detect weaker sale outlets at the drop of a hat
  • Track sale performances comfortably where you are


  • Data from multiple outlets will be updated continuously to mobile reporting to allow you to monitor the updates closely
  • Anytime and anywhere share these data with your teams
  • Increase productivity and reduce time waste

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