Make Taking
Orders A Breeze

  • Empower your customers
  • Maximise your revenue
  • Streamline your business

About Mobile Ordering System

User-friendly mobile ordering system with 3 different modes. All implemented in one platform, making it very convenient to use. Giving diners a speedy yet satisfying experience.


Diners can now take their own orders without the help of a server. Simply use their own mobile phone and scan the QR code on the table and start ordering. Orders will then be sent to the kitchen, speeding up the whole process.


Your customers can visit your ordering platform, take their order online and arrange for a pickup time of their choice before sending their order. Each pickup time is limited to a only a few people, so that you can manage the crowd.


Why not have your own mobile ordering platform with your own brand? Your platform will be yours, without your competitors. Let your customer order and do their payment online from the comfort of their own home. Fuss-free steps to get their food!

Ordering & Payment
Made Easy

Ordering steps is very easy! The user interface is straight-forward. Allowing people who are not as tech-savvy to use as well. Customers can now have full control of their orders, without much help from the servers. This speeds up the ordering process, practice social distancing, reduce manpower, freeing up more tables for more diners and most importantly, giving your diners the best experience with you. 


Self-ordering, self-payment, and loyalty
fully integrated into our systems.
No hassle, no more headaches!

Solving Manpower Crunch

Customers can place their own orders and make payment from where they are seated, freeing your staff up for other things that matter.

Big Data Analytics

Analyse your business using our Business Intelligence to know the history, trends, and customers’ spending habits to plan your future and target better marketing.

Your Brand. Your Customers.

We customise your site and loyalty programs to your brand - you will have full access to your membership database and control over your menus, promotions, and listings.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Our system helps you reach out to customers by automatically sending them personalised promotional campaigns, enticing them to return, increasing repeat sales, and improving customers' loyalty.

Quick Returns of Investments

Customers bringing their own devices means minimum hardware costs and subsequent maintenance. Say goodbye to silly, additional hardwares that will eventually breakdown.

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